Herbert Read at Ryedale Folk Museum

Ryedale Folk Museum has an interesting introduction to the Ryedale writer and art critic Herbert Read (1893-1968). Herbert Read was born at Muscoates Grange at the western end of the Vale of Pickering, and returned to Ryedale in 1949 to live at Stonegrave. The current exhibition at Ryedale Folk Museum ‘Herbert Read – Yorkshire Modern’ runs from 9th July to 4th September, and a rare chance to see work by Barbara Hepworth, Hnery Moore and Terry Frost reflecting the impact of Herbert Read on the direction of British Modern Art.


Herbert Read’s writing is richly evocative of his Ryedale childhood – and this image is William’s hand as he walked through the cornfield recreated next door to the Iron Age roundhouse (loosely based on excavated evidence from West Heslerton).

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