Autumn days when the grass is …

Last days of summer in the Vale of Pickering.

Looking to the Wolds

After many months and too many late nights draft documents for the Statement of Significance project have now been circulated and we meet up for a Stakeholder event on Thursday.

It is hard doing a project in a place that means so much to you so the significance varies from VERY to really VERY VERY.  I wish I had the prose of Roger Deakin or Richard Mabey to better articulate the point – but it has been fascinating finding out so many things about the Vale of Pickering such as the Arts and Crafts Golf Course at Ganton, the film archive from Hovingham, and even the ‘heritage’ side of visiting Flamingoland.

In After Modernity John Schofield and Rodney Harrison use the example of theme-parks in applying archaeological techniques to more recent heritage – it is interesting at Flamingoland how many of the ‘rides’ were originally from other theme parks and how their values must change in a new location, but also with the memories of their earlier locations. Also loving the Bactrian Camels in the rig-and-furrow…

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Louise Cooke - landscapes, archaeology, earth buildings and other interesting things
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