Heritage Open Days in the Vale of Pickering

An action packed Heritage Open Day saturday, this started with guided walks at East Heslerton, were we introduced visitors to the work the Landscape Research Centre have been undertaking (both survey and targetted excavation at East Heslerton) and the broader landscape context of the work. You can read more about the work on the LRC web page.


Tea and Cake were provided, but we only had 10 visitors on Saturday morning.

East Heslerton, looking north from the track.

Visitors being shown around the site

We then went on to West Heslerton church and East Knapton church. Both were open for Heritage Open Day events, and a rare oppurtunity to peep inside East Knapton. Which has a splendid arts and crafts interior which is fairly unique as it was designed and built by a local (Malton-based) craftsman.

Although it is wonderful to have the opportunity to both take part in events and visit events, the heritage cynic in me wonders how much these days really increase access and participation to heritage – or it is just the same people just visiting more ‘things’ that are normally more difficult to visit. I’m not sure…

Bench mark at West Heslerton Church

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