Turfscript – walking, archaeology and ancient history

Reading the landscape, back to the inspiring Romantic Moderns again for some more thoughts about landscape, archaeology and art. H. J. Massingham in The Genius of England, describes the prehistoric  landscape as “the turfscript of these abandoned downs” (cited Harris, 2010 p. 208).

Also got me thinking about other terms used for understanding landscape heritage, reconography (Clough Williams Ellis), the notion of langauge and ‘reading’ the landscape, and Dominic Powlesland’s new version of  ‘lostscape’ describing a landscape found, and now threatened by loss through agricultural damage and environmental change.

Also wondering about trying to find images from the era of the Shell Guides that might fit in with the Vale of Pickering. So far – some idle Googling reveals John Piper (Old Malton Priory Church, and Hovingham) and also in Yorkshire rather lovely John Piper ruined cottage.

I’m not sure about the ‘copy and paste’ legalities of images from Google Images into WordPress so I shall let you get back to Google them.

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