memory, materials, heritage values, and earth buildings

I’ve been writing (rather late I know) a pre-print paper for the Terra 2012 conference in Peru next April.  But it has got me thinking more about how the tensions apparent in the conservation of earth buildings might play out in reference to Laura Jane Smith’s ideas of an authorised heritage discourse (AHD).

Particularly in relation to the tangible: intangible tensions, when earth as a building material has so many positive and negative meanings and associations. I think what I am trying to get at is the idea that though we are always really happy to harp on about the positive aspects of intangibility, for earth building materials it is the negatives (the association of the material with backwardness and lacking modernity) which result in abandonment have a greater physical impact.

Chapel of reconciliation, Berlin

So feeling inspired about the positives of earth building thought I’d add a picture of the Chapel of Reconciliation, Berlin, which I want to come back to to explore issues of material and memory.

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