world monument watch list… interesting heritage

Not being one for lists but I do appreciate that they can help to raise awareness of heritage issues – the World Monument Fund have today announced those sites that made it through to the 2012 World Monument Watch List.

A quick digest of interesting sites –

Coventry Cathedral ruins – nominated to raise awareness of the conservation needs of the priory ruins, and post-war cathedral. Interesting on a site which is a compare and contrast with the Chapel of Reconciliation in Berlin.

A group nomination for British Brutalism (Preston Bus Station, London’s South Bank Centre, and Birmingham’s Central Library – where I have spent many a happy hour sitting on steps trying to be cool inbetween finding books ). The listing of these sites on the watch is intended to raise awareness and understand the significance of these types of ugly:interesting structures.

Back in Central Asia with earthen archaeological sites – interesting to see the listing of Ulugh Depe in Turkmenistan. The listing of Merv 10 years ago did help to raise awareness and funds for conservation so hopefully similar will happen here.

and I will digest more.

The link through to the watch list is:

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