Vale of Pickering Statement of Significance

I am delighted to post an updated version of the Vale of Pickering Statement of Significance (May 2012)

You can download a PDF (3MB) of the document by clicking here: VoP SoS

this is extracted from the text: 

The Vale of Pickering Historic Environment Management Framework Project was initiated by English Heritage (Yorkshire and Humber Region) in response to a number of factors and issues:

  • The immediate problems raised by the desiccation of the peats at the eastern end of the Vale at the Early Mesolithic site of Star Carr,
  • The realisation that the exceptional archaeological landscape identified between Rillington and Sherburn cannot adequately be managed through current approaches to designation.
  • The incremental increase in the number of agencies and projects with an interest in the Vale but little concerted action or agreement about the qualities that make the Vale of Pickering a unique landscape.
  • The need for an agreed, clear statement on the special character, qualities and attributes of the Vale which can be incorporated into policy documents

This document is intended to raise awareness of the significance of the Vale of Pickering. It is intended to be used by a multitude of different organisations from planners, through to schools and individuals. The summary provided by this document will be important for all future projects involving stakeholders within the Vale of Pickering. The Statement of Significance might be used as a reference, or as an inspiration to future projects, for example in planning projects that may make use of the economic potential of the significance of the Vale of Pickering.

An extensive and varying number of stakeholders were consulted for this document, with organisations and individuals consulted from a range of different backgrounds and interests, including cultural and natural heritage, planners and other relevant stakeholders. A list of those consulted is included at the end of the document. This is the first stage in this project and it is hoped future projects will involve a broader range of potential stakeholders, including landowners, estates, farmers and parishes.

Vale of Pickering A-Z of significance and value

What Next?

This is the first stage in developing a sustainable approach to the Vale of Pickering. English Heritage envisages a 2nd Action Plan stage for the Vale of Pickering, which builds upon this initial document.

This will prioritise further research and development of an outreach, management, conservation and interpretive programme for the Vale of Pickering. This will seek multi-disciplinary working and coordination of current and future research efforts to ensure public benefit from monies already invested in the Vale of Pickering.

From stakeholder meetings a number of other projects have been highlighted. These include a narrative synthesis of the historic environment using North Yorkshire HER data, and similar from the natural environment. Such an approach would provide an additional context for this Statement of Significance but is beyond what this summary synthesis is intended to provide.

In addition, wider consultation of the Vale of Pickering must include parishes, estates, landowners, farmers and other interested groups. Heritage professionals have acknowledged for some time the difficulties of consultation with stakeholders before they have knowledge of the very cultural and natural heritage assets they are being consulted upon. This statement of significance provides a first summary of significance for the Vale of Pickering and it is a basis for that future consultation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any other queries regarding the project.

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