2012 starts with … a good contrast between ‘Old’ and ‘New’ heritage.

Just before Christmas English Heritage announced some new designated sites – these show a great contrast between old and new heritage. In particular what we value, how we value it and what we conserve and protect.

Star Carr in North Yorkshire has now been scheduled – this site has evidence of our early Mesolithic ways of living – and a few year ago archaeologists found evidence that might be associated with the oldest ‘house’ in the UK.


The site is also a key part of what makes the Vale of Pickering significant (see my earlier post).

This ‘old’ heritage is in contrast to the ‘newest’ (or youngest) listed building – Lloyds in London.


Like many examples of modern heritage this is protected on again of its connection with a famous architect (Richard Rogers), and innovation in materials, technologies and design.

And as a final thought … to start the new year by looking back.

I love this ‘inside/outside’ building in Beirut. I used to walk past this one every day when I worked in Lebanon for 6 months in 2001. I just wonder what it looks like now?

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