Post EBUK conference …

I’ve spent the last few weeks pulling together the Earth Building UK annual conference – have a look over at the EBUK website for more information.

Our theme this year was earth and clay plasters … feeling VERY inspired to get some earth on the walls pretty quickly!

A tremendous amount of work – but great when people say nice things and see value in EBUK as an organisation.

This is what people said: “It was also great to meet such a good bunch of people. Real diversity – it’s just the sort of  ‘intellectual hub’ that a successful industry needs.”

“an excellent conference” “lots of good discussion, and great people to boot”

Here are links to photos Jim Hill was taking: /

and to the EBUK website:

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Louise Cooke - landscapes, archaeology, earth buildings and other interesting things
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One Response to Post EBUK conference …

  1. David Fay says:

    Hi Louise, Yes it was a great couple of days, I’ve put together a short video of Saturday’s demo
    I think this is the link


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