Intangible heritage and all that … lard

The guardian food blog entry had me grinning a great big smile as it highlights some of our more local food delicacies – lard sandwiches in Dewsbury, and Sussex pond pudding amongst others.

In a week where we have just had several local pancake related traditions it is interesting to see how these ‘food heritages’ are demonstrated elsewhere. In Scarborough they close the foreshore road to traffic and have a skipping festival (apparently ‘long’ ropes  from the boats were traditionally used. 

The Common Ground / England in Particular website details some Shrove Tuesday celebrations across the UK – including the pancake races in Lichfield (that despite much nagging I was never taken to see as a child).

In the UNESCO intangible heritage list the ‘classic’ foodie heritage example is the ‘gastronomic meal of the French’. According to the UNESCO website this comprises Apéritif (drinks before the meal) and ending with liqueurs, containing in between at least four successive courses, namely a starter, fish and/or meat with vegetables, cheese and dessert.

tasty stuff!

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