EBUK and what we did at Ecobuild

Two weeks ago Earth Building UK (EBUK) had a stand at Ecobuild -a 3-day – ‘role out your eco-credentials’ event at the London Excel exhibition centre.

Here EBUK talked about and demonstrated all the good things about building with earth.

It was interesting to find out how little is really known about earth as a building material, and I think I realised that earth builders are great at talking to earth builders about earth buildings, but perhaps we need to do a much better job at talking to others about what earth buildings are, why they are important, their important heritage and their benefits as low carbon buildings for the future. But also the history of earth builders and sustainability throughout the 20th century – starting from Clough Williams Ellis and the Amesbury Experimental Cottages in 1921, and going through to today.

EBUK shared a stand in the ‘natural, traditional, sustainable’ section of Ecobuild with Clayworks, Strawbuild, and Mike Wye and Associates (all of whom are EBUK members). I think we probably did provide an eco-heart at the centre of the event. What was interesting was how the rest of Ecobuild was so completely unlike my Ladybird (1975) ‘Homes’ ‘home of the future’ image.

Ladybird 'homes' (1975), home of the future

The space at Ecobuild was coordinated by the very brilliant RESET (if you didn’t see their very brilliant ‘Future of the World in 100 Objects’ here is the link): http://www.futureoftheworld.org/

You can find out more about the stand on the EBUK website:


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