ICOMOS paper and EBUK updates

Last December I attended, Heritage, a driver for development, the ICOMOS 17th General Assembly Scientific Symposium. The proceedings were published last month and include a very short paper I presented on some of the conflicts between heritage, sustainability and development for earth structures.

The paper explores tensions between heritage, materiality (in the sense of the relationship with have with ‘things’), and sustainability. Trying to link together different approaches to the problems from different disciplines – particularly stressing how the quasi-legal status of building with earth as one of the greatest challenges to notions of retention of intangible heritage.

It would be great have more time to propose future work on these issues or perhaps bring together some of those different disciplines in the future.

Cooke, Louise. 2012. Emerging Debates. Heritage Theory, Environment and Development. In. Heritage, a driver for development, ICOMOS’ 17th General Assembly Scientific Symposium proceedings – Part V – Session 2. Adapting to climate change and new challenges. pp. 1076-1078.

Proceedings online as a PDF – follow link through to: http://www.icomos.org/en/component/content/article?id=477:icomos-17th-general-assembly-scientific-symposium-proceedings&showall=&start=13

The proceedings for the symposium look brilliant and really do bring together loads of researchers and practitioners from different disciplines and different parts of the world. Perhaps a little light? holiday reading…

I forgot to include it in the EBUK newsletter which I’ve also just updated and is available through the EBUK website. http://www.ebuk.uk.com/

And this is a great piece from George Monbiot from last week – about the legacy of John Clare – wondering if our environmental crisis should really have a start date from the time of enclosure in the early 1800s as it signals the wholesale privatisation of land for greed …read more here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jul/09/john-clare-poetry

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