semi-detached mole-hills …

I always promised the blog wouldn’t do a ‘kids say the funniest things’ … but loving this little gem from my little William, whilst walking yesterday … counting out the mole-hills:

“ 1, 2, 3  … 76 & 77… Mummy look! these are semi-detached mole-hills …”

Demonstrating his fine-tuned appreciation of the built environment and the natural/cultural interaction in building (OK excavating) with earth, and just how busy the moles have been in the last week.

Perhaps this might be something covered by our brilliant speakers at the EBUK 2013 conference. Our  programme has just gone live – speakers include Tom Woolley,  Pete Walker, Rowland Keable, John Smith, Becky Little, Carol Ryan, Dan Maskell, Jackie Abbey & Jill Smallcombe, Jerry Sharpe, Kevin McCabe, Linda Watson, Paulina Wojciechowska, Rob Ley, Rob Hoskins, David Okoronkwo, Mike Wye & Associates & Amal Balila.

More info online

Programme link opens as a PDF:

Now to find some mole terraces – in the mean time a nice  little snap of ‘natural architecture’ from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


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