mud on the road again 2014 Earth Building UK Conference

It is the time of year again when (as a volunteer director of Earth Building UK) it is all hands on deck for the annual conference. 

Appropriately as we take our ‘mud on the road’ (the EBUK conference has been held in Bath, London, York and Totnes). I appeared on North Cotswold Community Radio (NCCR) last Friday talking about mud – though coming on air after Flanders and Swann may have been the height of all my mud work so far – you can listen again to the ‘Open Spirit’ online:     

mud on the road

Earth Building in the UK is developing, with a number of new build projects and the conservation of our rich heritage of earthen construction. Practitioners are developing skills and methods for the design of earth buildings, the construction of new earth buildings, and the conservation of historic earth buildings.

Earth building UK are hosting their 2014 conference in Norwich Cathedral on 14th February. The theme is “Training in Earth Building: from design to construction” – this will showcase design, construction, conservation and research in the UK. We have a great list of speakers lined up for the day.

EBUK aims to develop earth building in the UK, to do this we require education and training in earth building. This requires training in the structural and thermal design of earth buildings, in safe and reliable construction methods and in the appropriate use of earth as a building material.

The conference will be followed by tours to earth buildings in East Anglia on Saturday 15th February.

Full details of the conference including booking, programme and post conference information is online via the Earth Building UK website.


And for future posts on Norwich and the heritage of Alan Partridge … watch this space.

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