Getting started in earth building?

mmm mud

Finding some images for a short article on architecture in Turkmenistan prompted me to look through a very ancient and creaky hard-drive, and I am wondering about what guidance I would give to my much younger self on the subject of ‘getting started’ in earth building?

Well when I started the UK had a number of small, regional earth building groups (which seemed quite hard to find out about), and unlike Germany or the USA the UK didn’t have an earth building organisation. It was the frustration at not finding some of that information that encouraged my involvement in EBUK – and the organisation has just had its 5th birthday.

Luckily for those now starting out Earth Building UK exists and  provides an ‘entry’ point to finding out more about conservation and new building in earth, alongside information  on training and other interests of its members.

So I suppose my first piece of advice would be to find out more about Earth Building UK and get myself along to its 2014 annual conference!

Find out more here:

And I suppose I had better get cake, balloons and party bags ready for the Norwich Conference on 14th February!

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