earthworks and dog walks

Not very spring-like but I managed to re-visit Chris Drury’s modern earthworks Waves and Times in Thixendale.


The modern earthworks have been in place for 2 1/2 years (I did the watching brief in mistly-rain in August 2012) (and you can see more of the before and after snaps here:

After just a few winters I’m amazed by how stable the spiralling banks are, they were dug and shaped by mini-digger and then re-seeded. The whole valley is grazed by sheep and rather than looking ‘temporary’ have rooted and ‘looks’ part of the landscape. And visiting it does make me think about the banks and ditches that characterise so much of the UK’s earthen landscape archaeology – both how small interventions must have made a big impression and how they soon became more permanent features within the landscape.

More information:

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